Summer in Auchengillan

28th July 2019

It’s the long summer holidays and Friday the 12th of July could not have come any sooner for the 56 Scottish Mission Adventurers, parents and leaders. The sun shone across the beautiful hills as the campers began to unload the cars at Auchengillan outdoor centre in Glasgow. The sound of excited children and the birds singing echoed a beautiful melody as if to cheer the leaders who appeared distressed at the strenuous job of setting up a big Marquee. The spirit of the Lord hovered across the campsite and before we knew it the colourful tents were up and ready for its occupants. Once the camp was set up, we sat down to a lovely cooked meal by our chefs for the weekend, Clive Birch and Digna Selassa.Chain

God had a message for the young minds through Pastor Ivana Mendez, accompanied by her beautiful and kind girls Bibiana and Eliana. The chosen theme, Stand Together, came alive when the participants met Solomon and his father King David. They both taught that if we want to stand together, we need to talk to each other, and we should show interest in each other by asking the right questions. Only through effective communication can we get to know each other. While we were still digesting King David’s message, Elisha visited us. He emphasised that Standing together means that we may need to copy that which is good from the previous generation. This just as he had learned from prophet Elijah, observing how Moses’s family involved his young sister Miriam in the rescue plan. Connecting Generations by passing on the legacy and copying that which is right, means we need to work together as a team. We thought King David had already said his goodbyes, but to our surprise he came back. This time with an even more important message, which is standing together, involves respecting one another. When we respect others, we worship God. Naaman taught us that, no matter how different we are, how old, we should value each other. Jesus died for all of us and so our value is equal before God.  Lastly, we learned that standing together means we could correct each other, that we can be brave like Paul who was able to remind Peter what is wrong and right.

The interactive activities were packed with messages from God, and set a peaceful tone to the interpersonal relationships at Camp. This was very much needed for the activities that required close interactions. Children were observed, cheerfully giving each other turns and working together in teams. The children displayed beautiful collectors collages of nature items, picked up from a Sabbath afternoon nature walk. Thanks to Chloe Nawolga who was instrumental in teaching this award. The picnic blankets littered the picturesque play area while Audrey Mutongi and Bruno taught the children about food and its preparation. This is when a child exclaimed how the sandwiches they had made were so scrumptious. That was a moment we could all live for, to see our children appreciate God and his creation. At the close of Sabbath we gathered around the long awaited Bonfire, playing games and feasting on roast marshmallows and a cup of hot chocolate before going to bed.

Kids in SunSunday and Monday were packed with physical activities. We chose activities that encouraged the children to live out the lessons from the theme "Standing together", and also our triennial theme "Connecting Generations". For example, grass sledging had the children in stiches when our Scottish Mission President Pastor Paul Tompkins showcased his inner child like spirit, by actually participating in the sledging. This is a very rare sight in this generation.

As with any event, something will always want to take the attention and so we had the tiny midges swarming the campsite proving that they are tiny but mighty. And surely some of those with sweet blood went home with a few bites. However, I doubt that these bites will deter attendance at our next camp.Swimming

This was our first Adventurer camp in the Scottish Mission. In previous years we have had combined Camporees with Pathfinders, attended the first BUC Adventurer camporee and also joined with the NEC. It was truly a wonderful experience with the Lord and with each other. We continue to thank both Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders across the Scottish Mission, who tirelessly plan lessons and activities for our children. Lessons that help them stay connected to God. We also thank our President for his endless support.

[Mthokozisi Ndlovu]


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