Camp Meeting 2019 - Prayer & Praise Time, Thursday 20th June

21st June 2019

The 2018 Prayer Scroll was the main object of the first Prayer Session this morning. Gloucester Church who kept it since last year, brought it back and the Church Pastor prayed over it. Besides, special prayers were made for people with any kind of special requests.


Testimonies: A man didn’t have a good relationship with his children, especially the daughter who called him by his first name. He got into drugs, stealing and bad habits, yet he testified that God was still good to him. After 12 years, he’s now back in Church, and his advice to young people is: “Never leave the Church, for it’s the best place to be.”


Pr Juan Patrick continued with lessons from Israel’s camp by the Red Sea. He shared four points:

i)              God sometimes takes us through situations we may or may never understand, yet we must continue trusting Him.

ii)             The Cloud moved to the back between Israel and the Egyptians: God will always protect your back while still leading you.

iii)           Crying to God and Moses: Some people always complain no matter what God, or anybody does for them.

iv)           After opening the Red Sea for Israel to cross over, He closed it again to destroy the Egyptian Army, and prevent Israel from going back.

[George Dadey]


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