Camp Meeting 2019 - Teens Service, Thursday 20th June

21st June 2019

The Teens Thursday service began with the hotly debated topic of peer pressure. Young people shared deeply personal experiences on resisting the temptations of alcohol, clubbing, drugs and sex.

In an emotional season of prayer that followed, teens submitted requests regarding exams, family relationships, healing for a gravely ill parent, and to experience God in a meaningful way. In groups of three, some teens held hands, and others held each other.

Pastoral staff then tried to navigate the difficult subject of ‘sexting’, and posed the question, “If a teen is involved in sexting, are they still a virgin based on the Bible?”

Guest speaker Pastor Samuel Elias Reyes evening presentation was based on Psalm 139:1-7. He developed the idea that we serve a God that even if we run from Him, He doesn't run from us. In closing, he made an altar call and over 40 teens responded.

Finally, SEC President, Pastor Emmanuel Osei, who had been quietly sitting at the back of the room throughout was introduced. He spoke to the teens on how impressed he was with what he had experienced and reminded them that they were the generation God is moulding to lead His church.

[Don Roberts]


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