Camp Meeting 2019 - Youth, Friday 21st June

22nd June 2019

This afternoon the young adults experienced the culmination of a week-long series of workshops on mental health, led by Joden Joseph. Joden explained the need for self-compassion and shared how this is something that has been overlooked within the church community. Participants were encouraged to reach out and make use of Christian mental health services, such as Cornerstone Counselling, in order to strive towards good mental health.


It felt like a new tradition was formed today, when a get-together was arranged for the over 30s within the young adult community. The group headed to a local chip shop for what was dubbed ‘fish-and-chip-Friday’, and laughed, joked and shared common experiences in a nearby park, all the while fending off seagulls who were eyeing a free lunch! Everyone who came along had a great time, and was looking forward to doing it again.


The communion service was enhanced this evening to also include foot-washing. Traditionally, young people are encouraged to participate in foot-washing within their chalets, prior to partaking in the communion service. But this year, the leadership decided they wanted to bring both elements together during the service, and it was a resounding success. SEC President Emmanuel Osei joined the young adults to help officiate in the service, and Pastor Dewaine Frasier reminded those present that when they truly know their worth in God’s sight, they will truly be able to serve like Jesus.

[Matthew Herel]


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