Camp Meeting 2019 - Holiday Bible Club, Wednesday 19th June

20th June 2019

Awfulness Smellus was his name.  Well, maybe that name isn’t in the Bible for the servant of the centurion, you remember, the one that was healed.   Anyway, quite a name, and most of the children saw the humour of it.

In this drama, the centurion, alias Pastor Gerry Smith, ably told the story of how Jesus healed his servant, Awfulness Smellus.  Jesus, the Centurion knew, had given sight to a blind man, had walked on water, and done many other incredible things.  So, he reasoned, to heal his servant, even from a distance, would not be a problem.  In the Bible, the centurion was commended for his faith.

Later, in the activity craft time, the children made centurion helmets, to remind them that, as one of them put it “we are soldiers of God.”

The take home message of today’s Holiday Bible Club is that Jesus can do anything, and we can have the fun and privilege of being a soldier in His army!



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