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Dublin Seventh-day Adventist congregations welcomed six new members on Sabbath, 12 September. The baptism took place in the Ranelagh church, at the end of an Irish Mission day of Fellowship that featured pastor Mark Finley as a guest speaker.

Pastor Gavin Anthony was first in the church pool for the very special opportunity to baptise Olina Pavily with her two sons Philip and Rio. "Blessed is the home," said pastor Gavin, "where a mother sets a spiritual tone that is beautiful and attractive to the members of her family who surround her." The smiles on their faces tell the whole story. It was a joyful, stirring, and meaningful experience.

Pastor Ben Pontanar baptised three candidates. First up was Victor Afolayan of the Drogheda group, who had diligently studied to prepare for this day. His proud parents celebrated the fact that their son was just making one of the most important decisions of his life. Next was Marko Mesaros for whom the day was an opportunity put many past experiences behind him. Pastor Ben told how he and Marko laughed, and also cried together as they prepared for the day. Members of the audience were in tears as Stefan Mihai entered the font. His discovery of the Seventh-day Adventist church has given him a community that he committed to heart and soul, and he quickly became involved in various initiatives organised by the various Dublin congregations. This was a formal, and joyous welcome into full fellowship with the church.

Below are some of the photos of this memorable and beautiful day.


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