World War 1

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Heroes All! Adventist conscripts of World War I, photographed in 1917 France. Back row: J. McGeachey, W. Coppock, W. W. Armstrong (for several years British Union President), A. Penson, Jesse Clifford (missionary to West Africa.) Middle row: S. Williams, D. Berm, A. F. Bird, H. W. Lowe (British Union President for several years before, and during World War II), F. Archer. Front row: G. Norris (Manager of Granose Foods, and pioneer factory builder in S. America), H. Archer, W. Till (missionary for many years in West Africa).

Seventh-day Adventists are, by nature, peace loving people.  This presents a dilemma in time of war. This gallery principally shows photos from Adventist Conscientious Objectors during World War 1 who refused to take life, and who also sought to live by their understanding of the Bible - including the freedom to worship God on his Holy Day - the Sabbath.  More more details visit our main page, World War 1 and the Adventist Church. If you can add to the story - either because your relatives were involved or because the information on these pages has affected you, please visit our comments page.


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