19th May 2017

Nestled within the lush greenery of Nethybridge, Scotland, the Cairngorm National Park became home to some 90 Seventh-day Adventist young people over the Easter weekend, from 14-17 April, as the Scottish Mission embraced its role of hosts to the 3 Missions Retreat 2017. The air was ripe with anticipation and possibilities, as participants from Scotland, Wales and Ireland arrived at this picturesque paradise to share in the sessions and activities of the weekend, IMG_0058whose theme was 'Let's Go Against The Flow'.

From its inception, it was clear that the experience was going to be a great blend of social and spiritual nourishment, and that all attendees would enjoy ample opportunities to engage in their faith and in fellowship with their peers. Worship sessions were especially inspiring, since they featured the giftedness of singers and enthusiastic musicians, followed by stimulating and soul-stirring presentations from our guest speakers, IMG_0027Pastor Costa Vaggas, who imparted to participants aged 13-16 years, and Pastor Zlatko Musija, who catered to the 17+ age group. Drawing from the stories and experiences of Daniel and the three Hebrew boys, our speakers challenged participants to be bold with and proud of what they believe and who they are as Christians, even though it may be unpopular, and to always be prepared to stand up for Christ when temptation knocks.

Not to be outdone were the equally exciting leisure activities. From the friendly competition of games in the Games Room, to the warmth of the pool, to canoeing, zip lining and archery, campers were thrilled by, and definitely got their blood pumping in, their quests to conquer every challenge and overthrow every opponent. Special mention must be made of those who overcame deep-seated fears through these activities and as such, their triumphs went beyond the simple opportunity to boast about their victory. One of the social highlights was the epic IMG_0140'Battle of the Missions' Talent Show on Saturday night, which displayed acts from the genuinely talented, the sincerely ambitious, and judges, who apparently were unable to distinguish between the two! In the end, Scotland emerged as champions of the splendid contest and copped the grand prize of Easter egg chocolates.

As with all programmes of this nature, there were administrative issues such as young people wishing to stay in rooms with their friends, and hiccups such as fire alarms going off from curling irons in the middle of getting ready on Sabbath morning, causing young ladies to run out with half-combed hairstyles and half-completed faces. But all in all, the fellowship was truly amazing and the messages received were absolutely phenomenal! Lives were most certainly impacted and timeless friendships and memories were formed!

[ReneƩ Joseph]

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