2nd October 2014

Following months of research, filming and editing, the documentary  account of Adventist conscientious objectors during World War 1 is now  available on the Hope TV UK website.  As Britain remembers the  outbreak of what was called 'The Great War' 100 years ago, church members from  across the country have expressed great interest in the project, both from visiting  the Adventist WW1 website, from  presentations at various churches and Camp Meetings, and with an account in Messenger sharing the courage of these young men who 'stood for  right' though the heavens fall.

And the heavens did fall.  The  film gives a graphic account of the challenges some of them faced in Dartmoor Prison  or, following a court martial for refusal to work on Sabbath, in a military prison  in France.

'A Matter of Conscience' not only traces the story, but gives a  background to Adventist pacifism dating back to the American Civil War and the  battle against slavery.  The film is  worth viewing in its own right, but is also an excellent discussion starter for  small groups, youth meetings or more general discussions on the morals of  war.  It is also an impressive resource  to share with friends, giving them a different perspective on what bravery can  mean in time of war.

[Victor Hulbert]

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