10th March 2017

The past week has seen ADRA-UK undergo scrutiny both at its Agents' training session on Sunday 5 March at the Nottingham Central Seventh-day Adventist Church and during its yearly audit by the General Conference Auditing Services. Nearly 50 pastors and lay people from around the North England Conference, joined members of the ADRA-UK team to learn about the new materials, processes and procedures surrounding fundraising in the UK in preparation for thIMG_0183e ADRA-UK Annual Appeal starting on Saturday 25 March.

As part of the training day, the agents were invited to provide feedback on the spiritual, practical and financial support that they believed ADRA-UK might be able to provide to the Church in the North England Conference. The feedback given mirrored the comments of the attendees at the training session in the South England Conference a month earlier.

''For an organisation to grow, it is important that it listens to the concerns of its stakeholders", said Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK and this sentiment was echoed by a member from the Manchester district who stated that, "every level of Church leadership should be open enough to accept feedback from the membership ‒ it would make for a better Church."

After a week-long audit, ADRA-UK received a clean bill of health regarding their financial status and procedures. Ian Sweeney, BUC President and Chair of the Board of Trustees said, "I am delighted that once again ADRA's jurisprudence has yet again resulted in a successful audit. My thanks to Bert, his small team and the board of trustees for their hard work, both here and overseas and their transparency and openness."


[Catherine Boldeau]

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