Adventist Discovery Centre Initiates Opportunities for Greater Partnership with Local Churches

6th December 2018

As a result of the many invitations received from local pastors and church plant leaders and subsequent visits to churches around the UK, the work of the Adventist Discovery Centre (ADC) has been further modified to allow for closer partnership with local churches. Maureen Rock, ADC Principal stated, "We have enhanced our partnership with the churches in line with the Ministry description listed below."

"Bible School Coordinator—The Bible School Coordinator organises and coordinates the church's Bible school outreach ministry to the community. The coordinator should work closely with the pastor, the interest coordinator, and the personal ministries leader."  (2015 Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual, p. 101.)

At the recent National Lay Bible Workers' Convention (NLBWC) held on 23-25 November 2018, the ADC launched its newly designed ADC Curriculum 2018 and Discover Bible School Guide. Several members attended the ADC's workshop at the NLBWC and were trained with the use of the Discover Bible School Guide which gives guidance on leading an autonomous Bible School in the local church and community. A Starter Pack and flash drive containing all necessary documents are also available to active Bible Schools on request. The ADC team remains available to come alongside nominated Bible School coordinators to assist with training, where needed.

Pastor Rock maintained, "Hosting a Discover Bible School in your district can be an excellent source for connecting with the community during the lead-up to your Evangelism and Community Health programmes and allows for continued follow-up. As a result, the Bible School coordinator, with a small team, may initiate the sowing and continue the work of nurturing potential and new members."

She also pointed out that the Discover Bible School in a local church is an evangelistic tool thus attracting funding from your church or area evangelism budget.

If you would like to partner with the ADC to initiate or boost your local Discover Bible School then you may contact Pastor Maureen Rock and her team at the Adventist Discovery Centre, BUC Offices, Stanborough Park, Watford, WD25 9JU or call on 01923 672606. Alternatively, you can make contact via email on

[Maureen Rock, ADC Principal.]

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