21st January 2016

Here are a few more stories mentioning Adventists from around the world that you might have missed:

In Jamaica, in a general election year, Church President Everett Brown shared a message encouraging a positive and ethical political environment. Read his remarks on the Church and society here.

ADRA Australia helped find accommodation for almost 100 people affected by bush fires which swept through Western Australia. Read about how their volunteers swung into action here. 

Adventists in Arkansas are preparing to go to court in an attempt to protect their religious freedom rights. Read more of this story here.

In the Philippines, Southern Asia-Pacific Division President Leonardo Asoy passed away aged 56 from a rare bone marrow disease.

And finally, in more light-hearted news, students from across the pond at Andrews University narrowly failed to set a new world record. Almost 500 students gathered in the gym and tried to beat a British record for the most people performing sit-ups. To see how close they got, and perhaps gain inspiration for your church's next social event, see the story here.

[Andrew Willis]


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