AMR Outreach in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens

20th September 2018

Sabbath 15 September was a great day for the Adventist Muslim Relations (AMR) department in Manchester, which is in Area 2 of the North England Conference (NEC). AMR sponsor, Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi and AMR Area coordinators in the NEC converged at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens to embark on some AMR outreach work.

The team met in the morning for prayers and then set up a very attractive AMR2AMR gazebo in a very busy street where different types of books and literature were displayed on tables. Some team members engaged with people on the streets distributing books and literature, whilst others stayed in the gazebo to attend to those who would come to look at the books from the tables, answering their questions and getting contact details.

The challenges faced included being in an environment where people were busy and would not stop but after a while the response picked up. Another challenge was that there were some other groups of people from a different denomination who arrived with AMR3large speakers preaching loudly. This made it difficult for people who attended the AMR stall to be heard. Fortunately, after 15 minutes of the loud preaching through the speakers, what we can only be referred to as a miracle, the speakers failed to work and there was peace once again enabling our work to continue.

We had very good and extremely interesting experiences when doing the work. One of the most interesting meetings was with a young man aged about 18 years. He lived in a small town close to Preston. This young man stated that his parents and sister are atheists and he was one a few years back, but he started searching for the truth. He said he started reading the Bible and as we were talking, I realised that he was very knowledgeable about the AMR4Bible as well as Islam.

He said he was looking for a church and I invited him to come to Preston Seventh-day Adventist church. He promised that he would come one day.

The number of books distributed are as follows:

  1. Knowing God Knowing Jesus - 65
  2. Why I Forsook Islam - 36
  3. My Small Book of Bible Promises for Children - 66
  4. How to Reduce and Survive Cancer - 78
  5. What Every Woman Should Know About Man - 90
  6. What Every Man Should Know About Woman - 31
  7. The Holy Bible -1

We appeal to anyone who would like to be part of this work in Area 2 and other Areas, to get in touch with the AMR Area coordinators in their respective districts or by contacting the NEC AMR department.

[Ebbie Sakarombe, Area Coordinator for Area 2.]

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