Leaders Within the BUC Challenged to Greater Collaboration

27th July 2018

On Monday 23 July up to 50 departmental leaders, administraters and sponsors from across the British Union Conference (BUC) assembled together at the Stanborough Centre, Watford, for training, networking and an open forum for discussion.

The setting for the meeting was conducive for a relaxed environment, where directors and sponsors were able to 777interchange ideas and discussion points around the suitably arranged round tables within a spacious room.

BUC Executive Secretary, Pastor John Surridge, commenced the morning's activities with a devotional. Focusing on Christ's desire for us to reach our neighbour through acts of practical Christianity (clothe, feed, visit) Surridge highlighted the need as leaders to focus on the 'little things' that can make a big difference to people's lives. Stressing that it's not always about the large programmes or events that can define the effectiveness of a leader, but the consistency in performing faithfully in your role. Using his own personal experience on the impact 'little things' can do, Surridge set a welcoming spiritual tone for the rest of the day's events.unspecified222

BUC President, Pastor Ian Sweeney, followed with an insightful presentation on Church structure. Addressing any misconceptions, Sweeney gave a clear overview of how the Church is organised as a corporate body and the levels of accountability it provides across the various structures and platforms of the Church. Amongst many things Sweeney highlighted the rules of governing conduct as outlined in the Church Policy Handbook and the need to be versed with the relevant areas. He also spoke about length of departmental office and the need to focus on the period asked to serve, with no assumptions of a second term.

BUC Treasurer, Earl Ramharacksingh, continued in the theme of Church structure by presenting on the topic 333My Money!? He presented a number of scenarios where financial indiscretion could take place and how to ensure effective governance is a priority throughout the various entities within our Church structure.

The last presentation after lunch was by Trans-European Division President, Pastor Raafat Kamal.

Having now laid the foundation of effective management within the Church structure, Kamal's presentation centred on the question of trust. Within the BUC, with its regional11 territories, there needs to be greater harmony, collaboration and sharing of resources, were some of Kamal's points of emphasis. The question of trust encompassed working together without the spirit of competition and developing frameworks of working procedures that will allow the gospel message to be carried forth more effectively through each department.

Directors and sponsors were appreciative of the day's events. From the open forum of questions at the end, there was a call for more opportunities to meet like today, as well as questions and statements on collaboration amongst the Union, Conferences and Missions. Further questions explored areas 88888of the General Conference's (GC) procedure on compliance, use of tithe, and assimilation of media resources.

Event organiser, Pastor Sweeney, thanked everyone for their participation and attendance and later commented when asked how he thought the meeting went, "I'm very pleased with today's meeting; it was an opportunity22 to bring directors and sponsors together from across the Union to remind ourselves of the importance of procedures as well as leave here with greater determination to effect change in how we operate with each other for the betterment of the Church."

[Richard Daly]

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