‘Hungry for ADRA’ Initiative

6th April 2018

Three members of the British Union Conference (BUC) staff have joined Pastor Ian Sweeney and Paul Godfrey to go 'Hungry for ADRA' to raise funds for the 2018 ADRA Appeal.

Desiré Lewis, Team Assistant at ADRA-UK, Pastor Maureen Rock, Principal of the Adventist Discovery Centre (ADC), and Paula Yunuen Carrillo, IT director.

'Hungry for ADRA' is an initiative to raise funds by living on £2.00 per day, in line with half of the world's population who live on the same amount. Hunger is the world's biggest challenge and although there appears to be mountains of food in developed countries, food security is a challenge for millions around the world.

As part of the initiative, they all received an initial health check with Sharon Platt-McDonald, BUC Health Ministries director, which included the monitoring of their weight and blood pressure among other tests.  In addition to this, they were also given guidelines as to the relevant low-cost, high-energy foods that they could consume to ensure that blood sugar levels were kept in check.

"It is important to ensure the well-being of those taking part in b'Hungry for ADRA'," said Sharon, "but I am really excited for them and also delighted that the BUC Health Ministries department is able to partner with ADRA-UK in this initiative."

Pastor Ian Sweeney, BUC President and Chair of the Board of Trustees for ADRA-UK, will be living on £2.00 a day for the duration of the 2018 ADRA Appeal. Paul Godfrey will be engaged in this project for 10 days from 1-10 April. Desiré, Maureen and Paula (who indicates that she will be living on £2.00 a day 'the Mexican way') will participate for between 7-10 days.

When asked why they wished to undertake such a gruelling task, outside of their comfort zone, Ian said, "The Sabbath School Lesson over the past quarter has focused on Stewardship and I believe that 'Hungry for ADRA' is a good way to exercise some of the principles of stewardship while helping thousands of people who are in great need."

Following on from Ian's sentiments, Paul stated, "I really want to help those people who are in desperate situations and it is a privilege and a blessing to be able to support the 2018 ADRA Appeal by living on £2.00 per day."

Commenting on this initiative, Pastor Bert Smit, ADRA-UK CEO, stated, "it's fantastic to know that funds can be raised through innovative ideas such as this.  Fundraising for ADRA-UK can be done in a variety of ways.  We very much value the contribution of the volunteers who participate in the door-to-door collection, those who give a donation and those who take part in the other projects to raise money.  This year, we hope to raise £600,000 during the 2018 Appeal 'Because of You…'."

The 2018 ADRA Appeal was launched on 31 March and runs until 15 April (22 April in Greater London).

If you wish to donate funds to support the 'Hungry for ADRA' initiative, please go to the following pages:




[Catherine Anthony Boldeau]

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