Calling All Qualified Lawyers!

20th September 2018

We are starting a community of Seventh-day Adventist lawyers that will provide a pro bono/voluntary service for our churches throughout the British Isles.

The aim is to collaborate as a group and voluntarily assist with a request received from a church for legal and/or governance questions within the UK. This is aimed at using God-given skills to enhance the church and its conduct of legal affairs within the UK. This is an exciting venture, which calls likeminded Adventist lawyers to promote the law of the land whilst promoting the law of God.

This is an Adventist venture and as such our primary focus is the church. We have all this talent in this part of God's vineyard, the UK; however I believe we miss the collaboration and benefit of these skills as a resource and help for our Church here in the UK. Let us now collaborate to be stewards of God's church.

We ask that you register your interest between 24 September - 24 October 2018. We will have our inaugural meeting during the BUC Religious Liberty Conference and details for this will follow. Registration as a pro bono/voluntary lawyer to advance collaborated assistance for the Adventist Church is at:

Working for Jesus is the best adventure a lawyer could have. Let us be servant-leaders in this area of work.

[ Chucks Golding, Area 6D – PARL Leader.]

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