16th June 2017

On Thursday 15 June, the BUC Executive Committee had their quarterly meeting that involved numerous reports and group decision-making The meeting which usually takes place for the entire day hears updates from the Conferences and Missions as well as our institutions such as the Stanborough Press and the Adventist schools.

One of the decisions the committee had to make was to find a replacement for the vacant role of Ministerial director which was appointed to Dr Emmanuel Osei at last year's BUC Session. This role was never quite fulfilled due to Osei being asked to serve as Acting President of the South England Conference and then his subsequent appointment as President. In his absence, the role of Ministerial director was filled by outgoing director Pastor Llew Edwards. Upon his retirement Pastor Edwards agreed to continue for a few more months until the position was filled. He ended his role in April. The BUC express their heartfelt thanks for the sincere and faithful work of Pastor Edwards as he now spends more time with his wife in a unique ministry on his canal boat where he mingles and associates with others who reside in their boats nearby.

The Executive Committee voted to ask Pastor Eglan Brooks to take on this new role. Eglan_BrooksPastor Brooks has served the BUC in the capacity of Evangelism and Personal Ministries director for the past two terms. Pastor Brooks who has worked closely with Pastor Edwards in ministerial training events in the past will hopefully find a smooth transition. In response to his new appointment Pastor Brooks said, "It has been a privilege to serve the BUC as the Evangelism and Personal Ministries director. One of my greatest desires is to see our Church working in unity; ministers and laity working side by side to fulfil the great commission. If our ministers and our members can realise how valuable their service is to the Church we would have an awesome potential to share our message of hope across our Union. I count it a privilege to work with our ministers, elders, deacons and deaconesses. I hope the Lord will take delight in using me for His glory in the Ministerial department."

This appointment opened the door to replacing Pastor Brooks and the committee appointed Pastor Kirk Thomas SEC Personal kirkportraitMinistries and Sabbath School director to fill this role. Similarly, Pastor  Thomas had been working in this area for the past two terms, so he brings his experience and energy into a wider area of responsibility. In responding to his new appointment Pastor Thomas said, "I thank God for inspiring the BUC Executive Committee to ask me to serve in the capacity of Evangelism director for the Union. I never wanted or expected such a position that is why I believe it is God's will. My family have pledged their support and by God's grace the same enthusiasm and energy I worked with in the South England Conference will be transferred to the Union. I personally believe effort belongs to us, success belongs to God. With this attitude, we can move the Union into greater dimensions of evangelism, mission and discipleship. I know the best days are ahead as we work with God to spread the good news of salvation to every person in the British Isles. Go BUC!"

BUC Treasurer, Earl Ramharacksingh, reported that the NEC has realised a 14.7% increase in their tithe receipts, against last year, for the first four months of 2017. He was also able to share some further good news by informing the committee that two of the NEC churches, Fartown - Huddersfield and Stonycroft - Liverpool, are in the process of moving from being tenants to owners of their very own church property. But probably the most exciting property development, is where all the NEC churches collaborated with the NEC Administration, to purchase an additional 24 acres of land, immediately adjacent to the 7 acres they currently own.

NEC Treasurer Charles Bramble reported that this additional piece of land will enable the Aberdaron Camp site to extend its programmes and ministry to the Church and community. aberdaraOver 80% of the £270,000 needed to purchase the land came by the local churches agreeing to surrender 25% of their 31/12/16 Gift Aid balance.

The NEC Officers, who were all present at the meeting, reminded the committee that the Conference are still facing financial challenges and have a long way to go to achieve the financial stability that they prayerfully seek, but they can already see the Spirit of God working in the hearts of the members and administration to make the church in the North, better equipped to serve the people in all their respective communities.

The Officers expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to all the pastors, workers and every member and supporter in the NEC.

[Richard Daly (BUC Communication and Media Director)]

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