DivorceCare Seminar

6th June 2018

The difficult and heart-wrenching aspects of divorce was presented at Stanborough Park church on Sunday 3 June, hosted by the experienced Divorce Care representative, Thelma. The rising percentage of divorce has not gone unnoticed and the Adventist Church is and has not been immune to this statistic. The need for the seminar, was to bring comfort, reconciliation and healing to those affected by the hurt of separation and divorce.

The seminar highlighted that although marriage is the foundation of society, there are a number of things that contribute to the desolation of that institution. These include lack of courtship in the early stages of the relationship, influences of circumstances and environments and the fact that as children we are taught that marriage is a utopia – which is not reality.

As one of life's most difficult experiences, this Introduction to the 13-week session course, is supported by the South England Conference Family Ministries department, as the seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what individuals are going through and want to help. Offering guidance on how to heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for the future.

The day consists of activities, supportive discussions and Q&As on the healing process going forward.

[SEC Family Ministries Correspondent]

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