Reading Angaza Baptise Four

1st August 2018

Reading Angaza Seventh-day Adventist church is the only Swahili-speaking congregation in the United Kingdom under the leadership of Pastors Samuel Ngui and Charles Nyambane. The congregation continues to benefit from cohesion and integration among the various diverse communities in Reading and beyond.

Sabbath, 14 July was a day of jubilation for the Reading Angaza church when four individuals made the decision to have Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour through baptism. Each baptised person had a moving and interesting personal testimony to share of their first encounter with their loving Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Zaituni, oIMG_3328ne of the four baptised, recalls her first experience at Reading Angaza in the winter of 2015. Her passion for a deeper experience with the Swahili language, culture, food, dress and community at large resulted not only to better community cohesion and integration but also an intimate walk with Jesus Christ.

Godwin, also baptised, knew almost nothing about Swahili speakers, found himself inside the doors of the Reading Angaza church community through his best friend Messa, a regular church member. For Godwin, the weekly Friday vespers created an important space for growth and a deeper commitment. When asked about his first encounter at Reading AngazaIMG_3330, Godwin was very vivid and precise; he said, "It was on 11 November 2016 when I first came for Friday prayers at Angaza and that day I was coming straight from school by bus." Now, Godwin feels free to take part in worship service programmes including leading out youth sessions. He also sings in Swahili and enjoys the experience.

Isabella and Rachel have been instrumental and a 'life-blood' to the Reading Angaza church existence. Since their childhood, they have been deeply involved with church IMG_3322activities and church programmes including leading out in singing, Youth clubs and church services at large.

Before departing the baptismal pool, Pastor Samuel Ngui who conducted the baptismal service extended an open invitation to people who witnessed the baptism occasion saying: "Is there anyone amongst you here who says, 'I want to follow the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ and be baptised as He did?', please show by raising up your hands." A number of hands went up in the air; it was great and a wonderful atmosphere. He instructed the church elders who were present at the baptism to take note of the hands and promised to work on scheduling the next baptism very soon.

Please continue to pray for the newly baptised, for their spiritual journey into the newness of life.

[Tegemea Champanda]

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