Growing up in the Lord Revival

6th June 2018

"You all need to be growing up in the Lord," said Pastor Noah L. Washington during a 2-week revival which took place at the Hackney Seventh-Day Adventist Church from 9th-19thMay 2018. Pastor Washington, who is the Lead Pastor of the Ephesus SDA Church in Columbus, Ohio, USA, shared with Hackney members and visitors some tips on how to spiritually grow up in the Lord. 

In his first message regarding spiritual dreams and visions, he said that it is important to wait on the Lord so that He can fulfill His true purpose in us. “While you wait, be careful Hackney-Praise-Teamwhat you stare at. While you wait, you must learn to cultivate the fruit of patience. Hold on to the vision because God will make it happen,” encouraged Pastor Washington.

When talking about the Holy Spirit, Pastor Washington made it clear that God really does want to pour it out on all flesh but that in order to receive it we must change our focus and make room for Him in our lives. “God is a promise keeper; His word is sure. There is more He wants you to have and He desires us to partner with Him,” said Pastor Washington.

One of the messages which went down a storm (excuse the pun) was, walking on water, where Pastor Washington painted a vivid picture of Jesus literally calling us, as He did Peter, to step out of the boat and walk on the shore. He said: “God always gives us opportunities to exercise our faith. Jesus’ prayer for the disciples is that when they see Him, they may walk on water too. Jesus isn’t in the boat – He’s on the water, so where are we?”

Pastor Washington Noah-Washington-with-Hackney-Memebersspoke on the topic – The Law of Sacrifice on Sabbath 12thMay. Touching on the story of Abraham being called by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, Pastor Washington gave 5 points on how sacrifice relates to us which were:

1. You don't get to choose what you sacrifice. 

2. You do not have the power to sacrifice until you have mastered the power to wake up in the morning.

3. When you sacrifice, God is about to reveal something to you about Himself. 

4. If you never sacrifice, you will never know what God has in store for you. 

5. Every time you sacrifice it’s a time for God to become Jehovah-Jireh in your life. 

In His message on How to hear from God, Pastor Washington said listening and hearing is a learned behavior which takes time and years to develop. He added the following key points:

1. God does speak to us but we either miss or dismiss it.

2. We are afraid of what God will say to us. 

3. We believe that God only says the good and the devil the bad.

4. We get caught up in asking God for signs.

5. You keep asking God to open closed doors.

In his final message - What do you do when the Manna stops falling?delivered on Sabbath 19thMay 2018, Pastor Washington said: 

“When God makes you a promise it does not mean you will walk into it without difficulty. Also, when God makes a promise to you, He will reveal to you what it is but not the difficulty you may have before receiving it.” He then added: “Sometimes you will have to fight in order to receive the promise. Every single day God makes provision for you - mercies, blessings, direction, power, deliverance, miracles. Don't make what God made temporary in your life permanent.” 

Pastor Washington then concluded: “When you rise up early in the morning, get your own food from your God. Don't wait till Sabbath. You should never come into the sanctuary empty. Because of the blood of Jesus covering you, you can walk into the promises of God.” 

Before leaving Hackney, Pastor Washington gladly took part in Q&A Session Pastor-Noah-Washintonwith those who attended the meetings, with some of the questions ranging from whom were his spiritual influences growing up to what solutions does he have in addressing the current knife and gun crime culture in London and the US. 

Hackney’s Pastor, Joojo Bonnie, along with the Elders of the church, thanked Pastor Washington for his exuberance and powerful messages which inspired both young and old before forming a circle around him as they prayed for the Spirit to continue to empower this dynamic man of God.

To know more about Pastor Washington’s ministry or to order his latest 40-Day Devotional – Encouragement for Today, please



[Darell J Philip]

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