St Albans Community Health Impact

14th June 2018

On Sabbath, 9 June, St Albans Seventh-day Adventist church held their biannual free Health Check for the St Albans community. The event encouraged over 50 new faces to re-evaluate their health that day. The volunteers, mostly church members ran 11 stations including Bodyhr Mass Index (BMI), peak flow, glucose testing, age analysis and nutrition to name a few.

The Health Check committee also included a new station focusing on emotional well-being as a very current topic in today's society. At the end of the circuithr3 GPs were present to analyse the results and give the visitors some health advice. One of the new visitors quoted, "This is such a wonderful event. Well needed in every town."  

This was the 9th Health Check since the church agreed to have this event as their biggest outreach programme per year to connect with their community reaching over 400 people since 2013.

The Health Check will be back on Sabbath, 29 September 2018.

[Brandon Pazitka]

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