Hemel Hempstead Seventh-day Adventist Church takes part in 'Big Lunch'

6th June 2018

On Sunday 3 June, the Hemel Hempstead Seventh-day Adventist church organised a 'Big Lunch', to reach out to the neighbours in the community around the church. 

The Big Lunch is part of the Eden project, and started in 2009, its aim is to encourage as many people as possible to have lunch with their neighbours one Sunday in June.  This year, 2018, the Eden project was combined with the heads of commonwealth meeting in London, where 52 leaders came to the UK to work towards a more prosperous, secure, sustainable 20180603_153014and fairer future. 

The leadership team of the Hemel Hempstead church, under the project management of Deidre Fourie, organised the event to make friends with our neighbours around the church, and to encourage them to visit us an20180603_152945d have lunch.  In the weeks leading up to the Sunday the members and youth were out distributing flyers informing the community of the lunch. Posters and banners were also displayed around the car park.

On the Sunday afternoon as the temperatures soared into the mid-twenties so did the BBQs heat up as the 20180603_141207cooking of burgers soon filled the air with the inviting aroma.  Colourful bunting was put up around the church car park, together with bundles of straw bales for seats inviting people to come.

Neighbours from around the Bennett's End area came and also with church members enjoyed a burger, salad and a chat.  New friends were made and barriers were broken down as people around the church, who previously may only have known of us as 'that church who meets on a Saturday', came to have lunch with us and learned a little bit more about who we are and for us to learn more of our neighbours.

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