SEC Members Respond to Government Consultation

11th October 2018

Members in the South England Conference (SEC) came together at the Advent Centre on Sunday 7 October for a working meeting to begin the process of responding to Government's consultation on the proposed r81742eform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This event was led by retired minister Pastor Brighton G Kavaloh and SEC Education director and Hyland House School Headteacher Mrs Gina Abbequaye. Pastor Kavaloh said that this day should go down in history as he could not recall any other time when the Seventh-day Adventist Church had ever come together en masse to respond to a Government consultation.

"This is an urgent and most relevant matter to us as a Church", he said.

Pastor Kavaloh commended the attendees for taking their time to come and participate. The group was then led into a season of prayer by Mrs Jacqueline Nicholls-Bingham.

This meeting came as a follow-up to an informative and insightful symposium, organised by AdventRLP under the auspices of the SEC Education and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty departments, which was held on Sunday 19 August 2018. The symposium highlighted how the Government is proposing to change the Gender Recognition Act, so that among other things, changing of 'biological sex' or gender is made 'quicker' and 'easier' in England and Wales.

"The good news is that our voices matter, and the Government wants to hear from us", said Mrs Abbequaye. The members then engaged in group discussions where they were given model answers to the consultation and were asked to use what they had learned to formulate their own possible responses to the consultation. The various groups then shared with81743 the rest of the attendees their specific perspectives and possible responses to various questions in the consultation. The general consensus was that they felt much better equipped to respond to it.

Pastor Kavaloh and Mrs Abbequaye encouraged all present at the meeting to prayerfully take the valuable lessons learnt throughout the day back to their churches and assist other members to respond. "I will be bringing mothers in my church together and will share and guide them on how to respond", said one of the attendees from Edmonton church.

The Government consultation on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 will close on 19 October 2018.

For further information regarding the consultation and information you can log onto:

[Judith Makaniankhondo Nyirenda ]

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