27th August 2015

Helping to share the gospel across every part of the British Isles and across Europe, the Adventist Media Centre UK partnered with Germany, Norway and others to develop an app for Samsung Smart TVs allowing owners to easily access the Hope Channel. While the app was developed fairly quickly, it took much longer to get approval from Samsung for its launch – but thankfully they now see the benefits of a very positive 'lifestyle' channel on their platform.

The very attractive and accessible app was launched this week including easy access to the latest UK content 'on demand'. Favourites such as Hope Channel Sabbath School can also be easily accessed.

Samsung app"We are delighted to be able to extend the reach of Hope Channel in the UK and Ireland", states BUC Communication and Media director, Pastor Victor Hulbert. "We are currently working on a number of initiatives that will make it easier for the public to access Adventist programming, including a hoped for launch on another major IPTV platform in the next couple of months."

Hope Channel is now available in the UK and Ireland via Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, Apple and Android apps on your smartphone or tablet, and via the dedicated website, www.hopetv.uk.

"There are a variety of life-changing programmes on the channel", Pastor Hulbert states, noting that they range from interviews sharing simple concepts of faith, to deeper programmes that lead viewers further down a discipleship track. "The other significant advantage of receiving Hope Channel this way is that it not only gives you control with the 'on demand' programmes, but also gives you a choice of live channels to follow, including the more teaching orientated channel, 'Hope Channel church'."

The Journey - Burkino Faso"I bought a Roku box for my mother a couple of years back when Hope Channel switched from satellite to IPTV", states BUC President, Pastor Ian Sweeney. "It was so good that I then went out and bought another one for myself. Jenny and I would both recommend it to you… and I am now delighted that there is now yet another accessible way for the public to watch Adventist TV."

For Pastor Sweeney, the great advantage of the new platforms is the 'on demand' function. "I like Roku because the video on demand library is extensive and you just could not get that feature on satellite." This means he will be even more delighted with the upgraded features on Samsung and the development of yet another platform for hopeful release before Christmas.

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