Investiture at Newcastle

13th December 2018

On Sabbath 24 November 2018, Newcastle Adventist church celebrated the investiture of several Pathfinders who had completed a variety of activities over the course of the year. Guest speaker, Simon Facey, along with his mother Hyacinth were invited to invest the Pathfinders.

The bright but chilly morning started with a normal Sabbath School from 10-11 am. The Pathfinders swiftly made their way to the hall where they prepared themselves for their entrance into the sanctuary.

The Pathfinders and Adventures offered a special item 'Majesty' by playing an instrument called the angklung made out of bamboo. Simon then made his way quietly to the front. Suddenly he repeated one significant word three times. 'Decisions, decisions, decisions', he talked about how we make choices every day and they impact our lifestyle and future. Following the message, it was time for the Pathfinders who recited their pledge and law and sang the Pathfinder and Adventurer song. Then a video showing the activities of the Pathfinder club over the year was shown on the screen. It featured camps, hikes, Reformation tour, honours fulfilled and more exciting events. It was lovely to see all the club's achievements. The Samwinga brothers delivered the song 'Sound the Battle Cry', which was a fitting song for the day.

Certificates were then handed out to the pathfinders who completed their work. 95940DE9-EEBD-4678-8DD1-9750D0E254EFWords of wisdom were passed on by Hyacinth Facey and the morning programme came to an end.

For the afternoon program the pathfinders and adventurers did another special item, but this time they sang the song ‘Growing in Jesus’. Samuel Hallasgo and John Matthew Hermoso gave a sermonette each blessing the congregation with their well-prepared messages. The pathfinders then had memory gems which entails each pathfinder saying a memorised bible verse in front of the church. After this was done, Hyacinth gave the charge, and formally investing the club.

A closing song of 'Onward Christian Soldier' rounded off the day of Newcastle Investiture.

[Liseli Lael Samwinga]

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