Lay Evangelism Outreach Day

27th September 2018

Celebrating its 18th year, the Lay Evangelism Outreach Day took place at the Clapton Seventh-day Adventist church on Sabbath 18 August 2018. Led by the Plaistow Prayer Tower and spearheaded by prayer warrior Elder Brenda Edwards, the day lived up to its theme – We will go, as members went out into the local community to share the love of Jesus. Brenda said: "It is our duty as Christians to go out and spread the gospel message of love and salvation with Brenda-Edwardseveryone, but before we go we must allow the Spirit to work within us so that we can be empowered to be true witnesses for God and in turn He can be glorified."

The day began with a seminar which prepared members and visitors before they went out into the mission field. Presenting the lesson study was Pastor Monty Blake. His key point was that God has given everything the church needs in order to go out and witness. He said: "God has spiritually gifted His church, ensuring that every individual has a gift to use in ministry to others, thereby bringing glory unto Him. All power is given to overcome ‒ the mission continued when John Mark left Paul and Barnabas. The church must work together in order for ministry to be effective."

Maple Thomas from Welling Adventist church encouraged the attendees in song to Trust His Heart while Elder Terrence Blackman, Elder-Terrence-Blackmansung with power and conviction the encouraging words He (God) is Here.

A special prayer was offered for children, their parents and the family before guest speaker, Pastor Michael Mbui shared some tips on how to reflect Christ's mission and methods. Some of the highlights of his message included – 'Who you are is an expression and extension of where you come from. As you know your family, you know yourself. Some people are born to a vocation and location as in the Royal Family. Others are compelled by circumstances such as the late Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in prison. Others are chosen such as Donald Trump to be President of the United States of America. David was born a shepherd but chosen to rule a nation. Are you living your inherited or chosen life?'

Pastor Mbui then encouraged the church that Christ chose them because He Pastor-Michael-Mbuiloves them and that there is nothing they have done, are doing or will do that will make God love them less: "A disciple making church mingles to make friends, ministers to needs to win confidence and ministers the gospel to make disciples", he said.

With those thoughts in mind, that is exactly what the church did. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, members and visitors, led by the Pathfinder drum corps, went out into the community giving out books and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone they met. With great joy, individuals returned to the church sharing testimonies of how receiving members of the public responded to hearing about the good news of salvation. There is hope in every situation of life we go through as we remember that there is a sympathising Saviour who is acquainted with all our sorrows and grief, and who does truly love and care about us.

[Darell J Philip]

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