Linguists for the Lord

15th November 2018

Nearly twenty participants were taken through the rudiments of interpretation at the Advent Centre in London last Sunday, 11 November. The training which was led by Mrs Tamara Muroiwa, a professional interpreter and lecturer in translation, was meant to enhance the contributions that church interpreters make in the language churches across the South England Conference (SEC).

In a very zzzxzzengaging workshop, Tamara introduced the attendees to professional interpreting techniques which included interpreting note-taking, dealing with quotes and terminology, coping with humour and an emphasis on the need to know the Bible among other topics.

The diverse group of participants, some from the Hispanic, Portuguese and Ghanaian speaking congregations were also given the opportunity to practice the various forms of zzzzzinterpreting with the skills that were taught during the workshop. 

One of the techniques which caught the imagination of most attendees was developing the skill of focusing on the message rather than on every word that is spoken by the speaker.

During the feedback after the training, the attendees unanimously requested that further training be organised shortly to build on what they have been taught.

SEC Communication and Media director, Pastor Sam Davies, who facilitated the training, commented that the work of the church interpreter is not valued as much as it should. He added that church interpreters are co-preachers and must be prayed for in the same way that the preacher is prayed for before they preach.

[Nana Sifa Twum.]

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