Living without a partner

11th July 2018

'Living without a partner' was the solemn yet encouraging speech given by Hilton Punter of Holcombe Road Seventh-day Adventist church at the Widows' and Widowers' Banquet held at Hyland House School on Sunday 8 July 2018. The hall was beautifully decorated with a bright and welcoIMG_0859JPGming splash of colour that lifted the spirits of the guests.

The function was hailed as a much-needed avenue for encouragement and upliftment of others in the Church going through this same bereavement. It encouraged an open dialogue and shared experiences, which can help to deal with the grief.

Although each person will heal differently and in their own time, one can confirm, that memories are the one thing that each person will keep in their hearts. 

It was pointed out that lifestyle changes, although inevitable, was difficult to get accustIMG_0858JPGomed to, as the married pair was always seen as a unit. However, comfort and assistance will and can come from family, friends and colleagues, which can be refreshing for a widow or widower to have someone show them care.

It can be heartbreaking when milestones are reached and events are celebrated and it has to be experienced singly. Life takes on a different dimension, nevertheless, life is still within these individuals and it can still be lived to the IMG_0861JPGfullest.

Years of companionship can sometimes give way to loneliness, but as Punter encouraged – there is comfort to be found in many ways and there is strength in every situation, and God will always be there to be the Partner that is needed most. The melodic sounds of talented saxophonist Mark Bunney flowed to the delight of the appreciative guests as they partook of a wonderful meal.

It is hoped that others going through similar situations, will attend subsequent events, to meet others and to make and build friendships.

[Nicole Gooden]

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