London Adventist Chorale in Parliament

6th December 2018

The London Adventist Chorale has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the British parliament. 

This relationship began many years ago when the choir was invited to feature in a BBC Radio Mother's Day programme which was recorded at a church in Hackney. The minister of the church at the time was the Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkins, who ‒ as was discovered on the day of the radio recording ‒ was a fellow pupil at a primary school in Jamaica with David Grant, one of the Chorale basses, and member of Hampstead Seventh-day Adventist church. 

The choir was subsequently invited to perform at other events being led by Reverend Hudson-Wilkins. Her career took a dramatic turn when she was invited to the role of chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen, and also to the Speaker of The House of Commons. She was part of the ministerial team at the royal wedding earlier this year. 

The London Adventist Chorale, at her invitation and recommendation, has regularly performed in several Parliamentary events ‒ regularly at Christmas events, in a G8 Speakers' Summit, Industry and Parliament Trust events, the 500th anniversary of the role of serjeant at arms, where representatives came from across the Commonwealth, and the Chorale was even privileged to present its own concert in the Parliament Chapel. 

One of the choir's performances was briefly featured on a BBC television programme which was syndicated in other parts of the world. 

This year the choir will perform on consecutive days. The first singing date, 11 December, is the same day as the Brexit vote, which is occupying top news at present. Perhaps the choir's musical offerings will help to bring a sense of peace to a divided nation, as well as present the best alternative to Brexit: A United Kingdom ‒ where God shall reign forever and ever. 

Parliament dates:

Dec 11: London Adventist Chorale at Parliament ‒ Speaker's Carol Service 

Dec 12: London Adventist Chorale at Parliament ‒ Industry & Parliament Trust

[Ken Burton]

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