11th July 2017

You can tell how active a church is within the community by the number of people who come to support church initiated events. LondonLive Adventist church is one example. Having made a significant impact surrounding the fire at the Grenfell Tower, people naturally responded to the LondonLive Community Choir concert put on in aid of the victims. There's a proverbial saying that perhaps originates from the Far East that says, "if you take time to show interest in what I am doing in my territory, I will take time to show interest in what you are doing in your territory."

So, on Sabbath 8 July at the Kennington Community Hall, over 300 people from the local community showed their support by attending the concert. The majority of seats were filled well before the 5:00 pm start time and the atmosphere rang a buzz of excitement PKBas people of all cultures and backgrounds came together for this event.

Pastor Paul King-Brown, who leads the church, gave the welcome and showed appreciation for the tremendous support on what was a very warm and balmy evening. So, when Pastor Paul asked each person to turn to their neighbour and say, "you're looking hot", the full depth of meaning was immediately understood! The community choir was then introduced to a loud and enthusiastic applause.

The choir, which is formed from 70% of community members, comprises of what Newbold student Pavle Trajkovski assigned to LondonLive said "should be the right ratio when it comes to forming community choirs. It's not about the quality of singing that determines admittance but just commitment." This choir, however, through their commitment, had developed both good quality singing and public performance. The array of gospel songs sung were appreciated by all regardless of faith orientation and the spirit in which the choir sung superseded any questions about the gospel message. Pastor Paul commented that "there are some of the choir members that are not even Christian, yet they come each week to practise and have become a part of our church community just through the choir."

The performance of the community choir was tinged with a degree of sadness as one of the members of the choir had tragically died in the Grenfell Tower fire with her daughter. During the interval, lcc2a collection was raised in support of the victims and over £1500 was collected. The choir went on to sing in her memory and outperformed themselves to the rapturous and joyous applause of each one in a standing ovation.

It was truly a memorable evening. A time when church and community came together for a common cause. It's memorable events like this that leave an indelible impression in the minds of those who desire something more in life and are seeking to fill the void. Most people just want to belong to a community that cares and are accepting. These qualities alone will lead people through the doors of the church. It's acceptance first and to be able to respond to the saying "people don't care how much you know, until theyDSC_3956 know how much you care."

The concert ended with an encore for more and long after the last song was sung by the choir the people still remained and mingled and talked with each other. Perhaps this was something that would never have happened if it was not for the aftermath of a tragedy, one church's response to that tragedy and a community event that pulled everyone together.

See a few moments of the evening with interviews of those involved in this video. Watch here

For more information on the LondonLive church visit their website.

[Richard Daly]

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