NEC Adventist Muslim Relations (AMR) Team Reaching Out

6th June 2018

"Thank God you are here."

"Jesus save me!"

"Why don't you guys come here everyday?"

"I saw you and thought to come and encourage you."

"I saw you yesterday – this is wonderful."

"I am a Christian, but I smoke – I want to stop smoking."

"I like that you guys are here – I like the tent/structure."

These are some of the comments received on the first and second day of us having the Adventist Muslim Relations (AMR) Outreach gazebo at Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham. For several years in various cities around the country, I saw other faith groups (like Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Hindus etc.) with their outreach gazebos or literature stands. There are several around Bullring Shopping Centre, others in Leicester, Manchester, London etc. Every time I passed these sites, my heart throbbed within and my mind wondered, where are we? At such a time as this, shouldn't we be at the frontline with our publications? I remember I was so desperate one time that I called the Jehovah's Witness Headquarters to ask them where I could purchase their trollies? Of course, they didn't reveal it to me.

But by the grace of God we now have this wonderful witnessing tool available. We set it up on Friday 25 and 26 Sabbath May. It was tense and we were nervous, not knowing what to expect. As we were setting it up, from nowhere a gentleman from the council with his colleague, approached us. I immediately thought that this is it, game over! But what he did was ask us if we had sought permission from the council to be there. After I assured him that I had spoken to someone from the Busking Department in the Council – who informed me that as long as we do not cause a nuisance to other members of the public or businesses, we were within our rights to set up in any public space, he shook my hand and wished us all the best! We thanked God and continued setting up. Shortly after this people started approaching us and enquiring about us. As a result, on Friday and Sabbath we managed to give out:

On the second weekend Friday 1 and Sabbath 2 June the number had gone up to 171! This included: 

In addition to the literature given out, we were able to have several meaningful conversations with people of all faiths and backgrounds (see photos) – some of which have requested Bible studies! This includes 2 individuals and 2 groups from AMR interest backgrounds! Please stand with us in prayer as we seek to reach out to them! As for Christian groups, many came and encouraged us to keep the gazebo there everyday, as you can see from the comments above. I remember a lady and her husband visiting us on 26 May, which so happened to coincide with 'Gay Pride Day'. She rushed into the gazebo amid all the loud music coming from bands passing by and started jumping up and down singing loudly and joyfully about Jesus attempting to drown the music from the parade! 

As you can see from the figures, within 4 days of our presence there (currently we only go there on Fridays and Sabbaths – but are hoping to be there more days if we can get volunteers to man the stall) and the response is phenomenal. We are praying and looking forward with hope to reach out and share the hope in Jesus to even more people in Birmingham and other cities in the NEC! We have plans to set up in Middlesbrough, Bradford, Leicester and Manchester! 

Can you or your church make a difference in your city or town? Yes you can! 

Although the tool was designed for the purpose of reaching people of AMR interest – see verse on the canopy (as for most of them the question and identity of Jesus is of crucial interest), it can be used for any department of the church!

The gazebo is available to order through the NEC AMR department and it comes in the following spec:


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