23rd November 2017

Business students from Newbold College of Higher Education attended an exclusive open day on Wednesday 1 November 2017 at the Bracknell office of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as part of an ongoing contact between Newbold and the information technology company.

The nineteen Business students and three Newbold staff had the opportunity to learn about the history and products of HPE, their sales processes and procedures, and HPE-201702about internship and employment opportunities with the company.

The event was organised by the Newbold Business Student Society (NBSS) President, Ben Dzunic (former HPE intern and current HPE Brand Ambassador), along with current Newbold HPE interns Robert Keszeg (Sales Business Analyst – Global) and Christian Fischle (Sales Business Analyst – UK and Ireland).

"The NBSS is working with HPE to continue to strengthen our relationship with them, to improve exposure for Newbold students within the company, and to connect our students more directly with HPE. We are hoping to encourage more automated procedures so that Newbold students are top-of-mind for HPE when it comes to internship and graduate programmes", said Ben.

Newbold and the Bracknell office of HPE have had a relationship since 2014, and six Newbold Business students have completed, or are currently undertaking, an internship with the company.

"I chose to do HPE-201703the HPE internship because I saw the impact it had on my classmates who had returned from completing their own internships here", said current intern, Christian Fischle. "They had a clearer vision of who they were and who they wanted to be professionally, and I wanted to experience this for myself. I also have the opportunity to work directly with clients, which is unusual for interns, which gives me the opportunity to change customer's perspectives, and this is one of the things I enjoy the most."

HPE staff expressed their hope that the current interns will accept job offers with the company, following their internships.

"In recent years we have been blessed in our efforts to assist our undergraduate Business students obtain this prestigious internship and, as such, have gained a good reputation amongst HPE executives for providing highly professional and motivated student applicants", said John Crissey, Newbold Business lecturer. "Despite intense competition from candidates at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, we have had six of our students undertake this internship, which enhances the experience of our Business students."


[Kirsty Watkins]

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