5th October 2017

Around eighty students and visitors to Newbold College attended the first The Experience programme of the semester, with guest speaker Pastor Dejan Stojković, British Union Conference Youth director, on Tuesday 12 September.

The Experience, now in its 11th/12th year, is one of the many ministry programmes on campus. Organised by students, the room is set up to look cosy and comfortable, and the speakers and students are asked to share their personal stories with the diverse crowd that attends the weekly meeting. Music, storytelling, and special items all contributed to a good atmosphere in the packed student centre.

At The Experience, we realise that everyone has a story, and that we connect with each other when we share our personal stories with each another. We are inspired by songs of worship and verses from the Bible that refer to God as being our Cornerstone, and we have asked that speakers and students this semester share their own cornerstone stories with us. We hope that by answering our main question: "What experience, person, event, story, or lesson has made you the person you are today?" students will get to know each other better and grow closer as a campus family.

Pastor Stojković, who was instrumental in establishing The Experience ministry when he was a student at Newbold College spoke about his own experience of being at Newbold and how the friends that he made while he lived here had his back when he went through difficult times and he encouraged the students to find the friends that have your back through the good and bad.

Pastor Alastair Agbaje, Newbold College Chaplain and regular visitor to The Experience described this first programme as an amazing experience with the number of visitors at capacity.  "It was a very positive start to the semester, which created a special spiritual atmosphere for so many new and returning students who attended. Well-done The Experience team!"

We pray for a good continuation of The Experience and other campus events and ministries this year and that all visitors and the ones involved might be blessed by this ministry.


[Christle Jasinta]

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