One Woman's Vision to Make a Difference in Her Local Community

27th September 2018

A vision borne from a genuine desire to make a positive impact to her community, Andre Best in partnership with Barbara Lawrence was propelled into action when the opportunity came her way to rent two shops on the busy street of St Albans Road in Watford town last year. Using their own resources and funding, Andre converted the two neighbouring stostill-01res into a large charity shop. Providing women's, men's and children's clothes and accessories, as well as good quality furniture and home furnishings, Andre finds that local members of her town are able to afford the essential items at affordable prices.

For Andre though important, it's not all about the money. On many occasions people who are homeless and who need clothing or who just can't afford household items are able to find an understanding and sympathetic service from this charity shop called Hope.

Andre shared that the vision of Hope Charity, aims to serve its local still-03community by making a difference to the lives of mothers, children and families in the area. In addition to clothing at affordable prices, the shop provides a safe and welcoming meeting place where mothers in particular can come together and make new friends.

The shop also provides a venue for training spearheaded by Barbara in areas such as parenting seminars, returning to work, family budgeting and healthy eating. Small group classes and one-to-one still-06sessions are also available every Tuesday.

Andre admits the potential is huge as to what can be achieved with the facilities and the large room space downstairs. Last month saw an increase in weekly visitors, and when asked why the shop does not open on Saturdays, it's a wondstill-05erful opportunity to talk about rest and the spiritual implications of that.

Anyone who would like to support this initiative through providing items, volunteering or financial assistance, can contact Hope Charity on 01923 510230, or email:

[Richard Daly]

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