Parenting Emphasis Day

15th November 2018

On Sabbath 22 September Pastor Patricia Douglas, North England Conference (NEC) Children's Ministries 82162director teamed up with Grace Walsh, NEC Health Ministries, Community Services and Disability Ministries director and Pastor Les Ackie, British Union Conference Family & Children's Ministries director to host a very informative and life-changing Parenting Emphasis Day programme at Leicester Central Seventh-day Adventist church. These were well-planned and executed programmes with a fantastic speaker, Dr Sung Kwon from the North American Division. Pastor Kwon's breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and riveting delivery had many sat at the edge of their seats.

In the words of Pastor Douglas "The Parenting Emphasis Day is an annual event, co-hosted by both the 82159Children's Ministries departments and the Health, Disabilities, and Community Services departments. Each year it zeros in on different topics. Last year was disabilities, but this year Dr Kwon presented the necessity of outreach as a way of life. We want our children to be aware of the importance of letting their little lights shine to the glory of God, through a smile, acts of kindness and so much more, so that others may see the light, be blessed by it and embrace Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives, so that they too may become light bearers in a dark world."

Grace Walsh remarked "The day was brilliant from a Community Services point of view. Dr Kwon encouraged 82164us to reach out to our community because we are here to serve the community. In his book Burst the Bubble he points out the only way the church can grow is by mingling with community and meeting their needs."

In the book Reflecting Christ, p. 373 by Ellen White, she says "Those who love God should feel deeply interested in the children and youth. To them God can reveal His truth and salvation. Jesus calls the little ones that believe on Him, the lambs of His flock. He has a special love for and interest in the 82158children. The most precious offering that the children can give to Jesus, is the freshness of their childhood."

It was truly an intergenerational worship experience and by the afternoon the children unleashed their creativity as they created promise boxes, fans, pictures and so much more to share with others, because reaching out has to be a way of life.

[Lungani Sibanda]

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