British Pathfinder Bible Experience – A Continued Success

26th April 2018

Having introduced this valuable Bible Study Programme seven years ago to the Pathfinder clubs in the South England Conference (SEC) and subsequently to the clubs in the British Union Conference (BUC), this year proved to be an exceptional year in the history of the Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE), both here in the UK and in the USA. For this year's testing the Pathfinders have been studying the books of Daniel and Esther and the Introduction section in the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary on both books. The Division Level was held in Orlando, Florida: April 20-21.

Fourteen teams from the SEC achieved first place status at the file-6Union level of testing thus qualifying them to proceed to the North American Division level of testing in the USA; however only 10 teams were able to make the trip to the USA.

Of the 193 teams that qualified to attend the North American Division level testing, 186 teams were present including 10 from SEC, 5 from the North England Conference (NEC) and 1 team from the Irish Mission. This was the largest gathering of Pathfinders in the history of the event as children from all corners of North America, Canada and the UK came together.

The auditorium was packed to capacity so much so that there was no room for spectators, so a video link was live-streamed to a separate building where spectators could view the proceedings and also watch online.

At the end of the testing 9 teams from the SEC achieved 1st place, 1 team achieved second place, from the NEC 4 teams achieved 1st place and 1 team achieved 2nd place and the Irish Mission team achieved 1st place.

SEC President Pastor Emmanuel Osei, joined the trip and commented on how overwhelmed he was over the total number of young people, their enthusiasm and excitement that surrounds the PBE. He further commented, "perhaps we have not placed the IMG-20180426-WA0003-002great emphasis that needs to be placed on Pathfindering, I am definitely having a change of mind as I prepare to return to the UK, to give greater emphasis on Pathfindering, to see our young people study God's Word and to be a part of God's church family."

SEC Pathfinder director Pastor Kevin Johns, in commenting on the event expressed his desire to continue supporting the PBE and said, "Right now churches with Pathfinders who took part in the Pathfinder Bible Experience have young people who know the books of Daniel and Esther exceptionally well and I want to encourage those churches to use those young people by getting them to lead out in church studies on those books, and other programmes which they pathfindersmay run involving those books e.g. Daniel & Revelation seminars."

As the event drew to a close, and the Pathfinders made their way back home Pastor Johns said, "I want to express my appreciation to all club leaders, area coordinators, parents and pastors who have taken this event on board and are encouraging and supporting our Pathfinders as they continue with the Pathfinder Bible Experience which is changing the lives of our Pathfinders."

We look forward to even greater success and participation in next year's event.

[Kevin Johns - SEC Pathfinder Director]

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