Rwandese Fellowship

13th December 2018

Sabbath 17 November 2018 saw the third Rwandese Fellowship Day of the year. The Seventh-day Adventist Rwandese community gathered and provided a lovely service, from Sabbath School to the Adventist Youth (AY) service, for Rwandese people and anyone else who wanted to join and take part.

The Sabbath School service was about the importance of family life and how IMG-20181206-WA00041-003it affects our Christian journey. The congregation was encouraged to spend time together with their families instead of being enraptured by their phones. It was said that by fellowshipping together and praying together our spiritual life would improve.

The Divine Service had something for everyone. The children got to challenge the adults in their knowledge of the Bible (the children won). There was a special musical item taken by the Rwandese Choir, who although was not able to meet in person, practised via WhatsApp! The song they sang, 'igihe ni gito tugataha iwacu' which translates to 'A short time left for us to go home'. It was uplifting and beautifully sung.

The sermon was20181117_160948-003 taken by Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi. He directed his message to the youth, encouraging them to be the 'Elijah' of today, to be bold in their faith and to have a dedicated prayer life.

The afternoon service involved a discussion with the youth. Finance, university and family life were focused on with the youth leading the discussions and giving advice to those younger who were yet to go to university or are yet to have financial independence.

Overall, it was a eventful day, filled with helpful discussions and fulfilling fellowship.

[Gift Ruremesha]

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