Scripture Says Release New Album

6th June 2018

Scripture Says return with the release of their second album ‒ 'He Lives'. The album sees the a cappella quartet moving into new territory, showcasing present truth messages such as tJesushe three angels' messages, last day events leading to Jesus' soon coming, truths about heaven and hell, and the state of the dead. The album also touches on pertinent issues such as slavery to sin and gossip. So not your ordinary gospel music messages! Yet every song speaks to the unfailing love of Jesus Christ and the blessed hope we have in Him.

It's been two years since Scripture Says released their debut album, 'More than a Conqueror'. During that time, they have been involved with university graduationsBack of album, a wedding, skydives for ADRA, several concerts and charity fundraising initiatives across the British Union Conference, and writing and arranging more Scripture-founded songs. Scripture Says plan to continue spreading the gospel through song, believing that like many battles in the Old Testament, music has a significant role to play in God's people gaining victory, particularly in the last days.

'He Lives' consists of 13 original tracks, and features exciting collaborations with Jabez Walsh, Alvin Diwati, Riffi Wacho and Nonsi Mpofu. Both albums are available on iTunes, Google Play and on the group's website

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group’s website


For more information or booking enquiries, get in touch


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