Stanborough Park Pastor to Join BUC Secretariat Team

20th September 2018

On Thursday 13 September the British Union Conference (BUC) Executive Committee voted to appoint Pastor Jacques Venter as BUC Associate Executive Secretary. Pastor Paul Lockham, who currently serves in this role, will work together with Jacques for a period of four months, before taking early retirement at the end of January 2019.

Pastor Venter has served as senior pastor of the Stanborough Park church for the last five years and is also studying for a PhD in Leadership at Andrews University. He very much enjoys pastoral ministry but is ready and willing to take on the new challenge. In his new position, Pastor Venter will become an officer of the British Union Conference and will also serve as Missions Executive Secretary, a role which involves regular travel to each of the three Missions.

In a letter to the BUC Executive Committee Pastor Venter admitted that he found the prospect of his new responsibilities daunting. However, he considers himself to be a good learner and has pledged to do his best to build on the excellent work done by Pastor Lockham.

Speaking of Pastor Venter's appointment, BUC Executive Secretary Pastor John Surridge said, "Many people do not understand the wide range of tasks that Secretariat is responsible for. We of course have to look after various church records, manage human resources within the office, and serve on various committees. But in addition to that we manage the complicated pension system, for retirees as well as current and former employees. Then there is safeguarding, compliance, life insurance, income protection, Adventist Volunteer Services, visa applications, processing of service requests, development and management of database systems, data protection, health and safety, policy revision, directory production, statistical reports, and Charity Commission liaison. To the right person the work of Secretariat is a fascinating and challenging service pathway within the Adventist Church system. We believe that Jacques has what it takes and we look forward to working with him."

[John Surridge]

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