7th September 2017

Despite the rising trend for purchasing books on Amazon, and electronic reading devices such as Kindle and Google Reader, the Stanborough Press Open Day was just as popular as ever. This traditional annual event which was held on Sunday 3 September at the Stanborough Press in Grantham, saw over 1000 people pass through on the day. At one point with long queues winding around the shop floor it was a joy to see avid book readers and lovers DSC_5124of the printed word desiring nothing more than receiving books in their hands.

This year the usual buzz and excitement of people mingling, meeting friends and making new ones, is part of the whole atmosphere of this important event in the British Union. With several coaches and minibuses arriving from all over the country the Open Day was a focal point where north and south came and met together, reminiscent of a mini camp meeting style feeling.

The day's events DSC_5080proved to be full of activities for the entire family, including a 'Kids' Play Corner' and special programmes geared toward children. There was an area for cooking demonstrations which was led by Susanne Kirlew (Kirley Sue) throughout the day, and a large dining area for food and refreshments or a place to just rest and quietly read.

The main structured programmes however were held in the 500-seater canvas marquee. Although the official programme started at 11:30 am by that time many people had already sought their bargains in the book and food area arriving as early at 9:30 am. The 'camp meeting' style programme began with the welcome and opening remarks by the compère, Pastor Curtis Murphy and the line-up of events ensured hardly anyone left the marquee as the audience was treated to a number of top performers within the Church.

DSC_5046Camelia Bran, commenced the line-up with a medley of popular songs from her CD. Her uplifting and enriching voice, always inspires and lifts the audience in awe of God. Paul Lee, DSC_5072followed and continued the momentum with his soothing voice, singing a number of heart-warming songs.

The guest speaker for the day was Dr George Knight, author, theologian, and prolific speaker within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Introduced by Adventist Book Centre (ABC) Manager, Elisabeth Sanguesa, and presented with a plaque in recognition of his latest book entitled, DSC_5091The Truth, Dr Knight in usual humour showed his appreciation and gratitude. Dr Knight shared his delight in being invited and how he had long waited to be a part of the Stanborough Press Open Day. His message being true to his theological character, was based on Revelation 10 speaking on the Church within prophetic history.

Other events of the day included further musical presentations by various artistes including Margaret Johns and her group, and various quality instrumentalists. Dr Chidi, a popular presenter in the Church circuit, spoke on innovating ways in 'How to deal with Stress'.DSC_5056

By 3:00 pm the events in the marquee were over and some crowds gathered back into the ABC shop floor with maybe one or two hoping for further reductions. Others wandered around the complex, where there was the food hall to buy vegetarian products, as well as a smaller marquee where church groups could promote their stalls selling products for local community charities DSC_5150and other good causes.

Overall it was an enjoyable event, well-organised and coordinated. One happy shopper holding a bundle of books said with a gleeful smile, "I've waited all year for this, I managed to get the books I wanted, and I'm now going home a very happy lady." Others commented how the event was more than about just buying books, it's also a time for fellowship and spiritual edification.

ABC Manager ‒ Elisabeth Sanguesa, at the end of the day said, "I'm very pleased, there was a lot of planning that went into this and I'm happy with the turnout and people are also leaving looking like they enjoyed the day."

Watch some of the highlights here.

[Richard Daly]

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