21st March 2017

ADRA-UK solicited the support of four students from Stanborough Primary School to assist with its training video for constructing the children's donation boxes in preparation for its Annual Appeal later this month. Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK, assisted the students from the ages of 6-8 to assemble the boxes and was able to shoot video footage of them to enable the ADRA agents in local churches to assemble the boxes themselves. "ADRA-UK does some reADRA-078ally great work in the UK and I am glad the children at Stanborough Primary School were able to participate in this promotional video," said Angelika Horwood, Headteacher, "and I'm encouraging as many of our students to get involved in this year's Annual Appeal."

Children are able to participate in several ways. Each child who is able, can take a box ADRA-1081and collect money from friends and family during the Annual Appeal. They then return this box to their local church ADRA Agent and the emptied box can be returned to them.

"We also have a really nice colouring book for the younger children, which I know that they will enjoy," said Bert Smit, "and I'm really pleased that not only the adults, but that our kids can help lives to change in developing countries."

The ADRA-UK Annual Appeal runs from 25 March through to 9 April (16 April London). For further information about how to get more children involved please go to the ADRA website, or call +44 (0) 30 30 40 10 17.

Remember, a life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.


[Catherine Anthony Boldeau]

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