23rd February 2017

During the week of 6 February 2017, the pupils of Stanborough Primary School participated in an Internet Safety Week, organised by Deputy Head and Computing Leader Mrs Madden. Mrs Madden has appointed and trained ten children to be Digital Leaders across the school and these children led out in the various activities which included poster design, drama performances (videoed) and poetry writing. The workshop idea emerged from the facilitation of pupil voice, at the previous year's event evaluation.

Integral to internet safety is an understanding of the SMART rules which are well embedded within the school and in the minds of the children, as the rules are revisited from yearDSC088521 to year. They warn against giving out personal information online, promote the involvement of parents/carers in all online communication, give caution to accepting e-mails, messages or pictures from unknown sources as they can contain viruses or unwanted messages and explain that not all information is reliable and that individuals can misrepresent the truth about who they are.

They also encourage children to tell their parents, carers or a trusted adult if anything makes them feel uncomfortable or if they or someone they know is a victim of cyber-bullying. "The children were clearly able to demonstrate how to stay safe online and what to do if they received a request from a stranger"DSC08921 said Mrs Madden. Adam in Y6 said "I widened my knowledge on internet safety a bit more, in terms of why we should take care when posting images online. The group work also required me to think more deeply about the importance of staying safe online and the best way to share this information with others."

As well as learning about internet safety, the children are ever conscious of the school values which underpin school life and identified that they had used: independence, respect, co-operation, self-control, excellence and resilience during their internet safety week.

In addition, leadership skills were further developed as the Digital Leaders rose to their tasks admirably, for example Lincoln, we are told, was extremely organised and a great team leader in managing to get the best out of his group. Our Adventist schools continue to prepare our children well to DSC_9362be the leaders of tomorrow, to be people of integrity who also have the necessary skills to navigate their way safely, through modern-day challenges. We accept the timely reminder and the resounding message from the children of Stanborough Primary School: Stay Safe and be SMART online!



[Kathleen Hanson, BUC Education Director]

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