15th June 2017

With August quickly approaching fundraising for Project Moldova is nearly complete. The summer concert in Plymouth church last Sabbath (10 June) saw a further £417.08 raised towards the group's goal of £6000.

Over a year ago the idea of Project Moldova started to develop with talks between Pastor Herman of the Plymouth Seventh-day Adventist church and Pastor Sprinceana from Chisinau, Moldova. With encouragement and help with translation from Ion (Pastor Sprinceana's son) the project outline quickly formed. Projects undertaken will include health expos, evangelism, food and clothing distribution, messy church as well as assisting in two building and decorating projects.

Friends and family from as far as Yeovil and Truro gathered at Plymouth church to support and contribute to the event. To create a summer atmosphere the church was decorated with flowers and fairy lights bringing the outside in for the 'SummerVision' concert.

Pastor Herman was the host for the evening; introducing the performers and entertaining the audience with witty riddles and jokes. He welcomed everyone with a solo of 'What a Wonderful World' before talented sisters Gemma and Jackie took to the stage with a plymouthbeautiful duet. George and Mihaela Bostan joined the local talent from Truro and shared 'O the Deep, Deep Love' on the pan flute and piano. The youngest performer of the night was Annette who sang with power, 'Make Me a Servant'. To finish the first half of the show siblings Matthew and Meghan Herman performed 'When You Believe' beautifully.

Special guest for the evening was Jess Cooper, daughter of Mr and Mrs Cooper, teachers at Plymouth's Adventist primary school, Fletewood. The congregation was wowed by her powerful performance of 'Amazing Grace' and 'You Raise Me Up'. School friend, Matthew Herman, accompanied Jess on the piano.

After a collection was taken, Daniel Costin (event organiser) stole the show with his enthusiastic saxophone playing, plymouth2dominating the second half of the concert. He and his brother Denis Budaev (piano) performed several songs including 'You Deserve the Glory' and 'I Cannot Tell'.

Glessy Guilas commented, "The young performers serenaded the crowd with their beautiful music."

After the concert guests enjoyed cake and drinks. The event was a great success and enjoyed by everyone. With excitement about the trip building there is still plenty more to do before the group fly out to Moldova in August. A further £600 still has to be raised and supplies for health expos, clothing distribution and messy church need to be sourced and collected.

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[Jennie Hall]

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