ADRA-UK team members in Rwanda

9th February 2018

This coming weekend sees three members of the ADRA-UK team fly out to Rwanda to get involved in two projects in the country.

Michaela Mathieu-Marius, 6C635B4C-863C-4C27-8298-90F15D8A4086who was the Assistant Programmes Officer at ADRA-UK, begins a six-month secondment with ADRA Rwanda as the ADRA-UK Project and Psychosocial Support Officer.  Her role will be to provide management and technical support to ADRA Rwanda and the Rwanda Education and Advancement Programme II (REAP II) funded by the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) under the Girls' Education Challenge (GEC) fund.  The main objective of the project is to improve learning outcomes for 25,000 marginalised girls (and boys) to boost their literacy, numeracy and life skills through school-based and community-based education initiatives, thereby enabling them to transition through key stages of education.

The project lead is Health Poverty Action (HPA) and is made up of a consortium of Link Community Development (LCD), Future First Global (FFG) and ADRA. ADRA's responsibility centres around teacher training and child-centred learning. The project began in April last year, and will run until March 2020 during which time, the team will work with 28 primary and secondary schools throughout the Nyaguru District of Rwanda.

Michaela will also ensure that the projects meets all the contractual compliance and technical requirements set out in the grant contract between ADRA and HPA UK, as well as leading out on safeguarding children and development of technical education and assessment tools.   

Speaking about the secondment, Howa Avan-Nomayo, ADRA-UK's Chief Programmes Officer said,

"Michaela brings a strong technical background in psychosocial counselling in the education sector, as well as project management experience. That experience coupled with her passion and positive attitude towards ADRA's mission, will put her in good stead to support the project team in effectively delivering the REAP II project aims and objectives, thereby helping ADRA to make a difference in the lives of children in Rwanda."

Sophie Gordon, Volunteer Programmes Officer, accompanied by Desiré Lewis, Team Assistant and 15 volunteers from around the UK, will deliver the 5000 plus Gift Boxes that were donated at the end of last year to the Kibiza refugee camp in Rwanda. Established in 1996, when the Kenyan/Rwandan-speaking group was forced from the Democratic Republic of Congo because of violence, it is home to over 20,000 people. Most of the children know nothing of life outside of the camp and after they complete secondary school there are few opportunities for them to earn money.

The refugees can come and go as they please but without a Rwandan ID card they are limited in their activities. In addition to this, the camp is situated in the mountains and they are hindered by their geographical location that prevents them moving around as freely as they would wish.

Speaking about this ADRA Connections volunteer trip, Sophie said,

"The Gift Box Appeal is always an exciting time as volunteers are able to see how much joy these presents bring to children who are living in some very harsh conditions. This is never more true than for Rwanda, where the children at the Kiziba refugee camp are probably some of the most worthy beneficiaries in the history of the Appeal.

"Leading a group of volunteers is always a new experience, as there are no two groups the same! I love seeing how strangers come together for the common goal of helping those in need, but also leave with a greater understanding of themselves and their role in being change-makers."

For more information on the work that ADRA-UK is doing in Rwanda and to donate to the 2018 ADRA Appeal please go to

[Catherine Anthony Boldeau]

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