UK SDA Lawyers Signposting Services

8th November 2018

This service was officially launched by the President of the British Union Conference (BUC), Pastor Ian Sweeney who was assisted with the delivery of the forum by Chucks Golding. Chucks is a member of the North Wembley Community Adventist church and a qualified solicitor. She presented how God has allowed her to build her legal career by His providence and how God has guided her to a position of experience in a career where success can be tough to accomplish.

Chucks came to the realisation through her attendance at the International Legal Symposium organised by the Office of the General Counsel for the General Conference in Fort Lauderdale in 2017 that there were Seventh-day Adventist lawyers working for their churches around the globe. Her global group2colleagues switched on the light of purpose and she brought the idea of a UK-wide legal signposting service back with her which was presented to the BUC President. Pastor Sweeney was encouraging and agreed that the Religious Liberty conference would be a great place to launch this activity for the Church.82091

As Chucks closed her presentation at the inaugural session held on Sabbath 3 November 2018 she said, "The Lord said to Moses what is in your hand? This career, Lord, is what is in my hand. Use this for Your glory so we can be leading lights for You."

President Sweeney is focused on ensuring that this service is an organised and professional offering and will be holding a Legal Symposium early in 2019. More details to follow.

Are you a Seventh-day Adventist lawyer interested in supporting this signposting service? Please contact Chucks on

[Chucks Golding]

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