Wolverhampton Central Children's Campaign

13th September 2018

On Sabbath 4 August 2018, Janet Taylor and her team led the children from Wolverhampton Central church to present 'The Final Countdown' campaign. The campaign was to be held over the week. The children presented their songs, poems, scripture readings, testimonies, and 5-minute scenarios. They also learnt the theme song 'This is the Final Countdown' which was written and composed by Uncle Misheck

>>All the children that presented the word to the church were aged from 6 to 12 years of age. They stood boldly in front of the congregation, some were very nervous, but while they were on the platform they preached the word. The children told the church that it was the Final Countdown and we should be preparing to meet Jesus in His return.

The following Sabbath (11 August), the church attendees were asked to surrender their lives to Christ and an altar call was given. Many people responded to the call and came to the front for prayer. The children all gave inspiring food for thought and used such bold statements and dynamics that the whole congregation had to echo an resounding "Amen."

>>Pastor Patricia Douglas encouraged the church to use the children. They are our future, give them the chance to do things and nurture them while we have them. One person commented, "I have supported the children throughout the week and I can say that I have been truly blest."

Another said, "I'm so glad that I came to church today to hear the children, when the young man gave the altar call, I jumped up out of my seat."

It was a blessing to see all the children engaged and ready to serve the Lord with their talents, even some children that the church thought was very quiet, presented sermons that no-one will forget. One child was so nervous that she started to cry but carried on through her tears and bravely presented her sermon; by the time she finished, she was smiling and proud. One child commented, "I think that I could do that again, I'm so happy."

The children then suggested that they run another campaign, as the last one was in 2014!

The Wolverhampton Central Children's Ministries team would like to thank Pastor Samuel Appiah for allowing the children to take over the church. They would also like to thank all the children and those people who worked with them in the background.

Most of all the team would like to thank our Lord and Saviour for blessing the church with young ones who were ready and willing to work for the Lord.

Let us continue to encourage and pray for the Little People in the churches.

[Children's Ministries Team, Wolverhampton Central Church]

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