Newcastle Youth Day

17th October 2018

October's Youth Day at Newcastle Seventh-day Adventist church on Sabbath 13 October was all about transitioning ‒ how young people take God with us in the next chapter of our lives.

During Sabbath School the topic centred around the causes of disunity. The church was divided into 4 different groups led by young people and each discussed a certain question related to the lesson from that week. The main conclusion was that even though the devil tries to divide and wants us to disobey God, we should always be careful who we listen to and who we take advice from. Our focus should always be on the word of God.81798

The sermon was preached by Pastor Ian Philpott which followed the transitioning theme. He spoke about the story of Lot and Abraham in Genesis 11 and 19 and how God moved Abraham from his father's land to a better place for him. The message from the sermon was a challenge to each one that our attitude to obeying God today will reveal the kind of person we will be tomorrow.

As Pastor Philpott developed his message, he shared that we cannot gamble with sin as there are consequences to each of our actions. He used the example of how Lot lingered in Sodom and therefore his wife who looked back turned into a pillar of salt. The point he drove home was that people around us will always influence us in one way or another.

81795The appeal at the close of the sermon challenged our congregation to seek a life with God and allow Him to remove the bad things in our lives and remove our hearts out of Sodom. As a result of the message and appeal, one lady requested baptism whilst others sought prayer.

A couple of the young people were asked what they thought of the sermon pulpitand one responded, "It was really intriguing, and it made me evaluate my life. It also made me stand up at the appeal." Another one said, "It spoke to me on a personal level."

The afternoon programme consisted of a few songs to enliven a well-fed congregation. An activity testing Bible knowledge and two encouraging testimonies culminated in a panel of four people answering three questions that the younger youth were unsure about.

Two church elders expressed that the young people had created a very well organised day. One noted that the excellent communication between the young people in planning the event really paid off.

Simina Trufasu said, "Youth Day was a success, everybody felt blessed and had learned something they did not know before."

[Simina Trufasu]

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