7th December 2017

Pastor Lawrence Johnston at Dublin Area Day of FellowshipOn Sabbath 2 December over 550 people representing the 6 church groups in the greater Dublin and Ballinacrow area joined together for a special Day of Fellowship. The Maldron Hotel in Tallaght hosted the Sabbath School and Worship Service, while the Dublin Romanian church hosted the afternoon programme and the special book sale run by the Stanborough Press who agreed to make the journey over to Dublin especially for the event.

The Sabbath School was led by Pastor Adam Keough who interacted with a panel of 6 people representing each church group. Pastor Lorance Johnson, the pastor of the Cork, Kilkenny and Waterford district of churches was the special guest speaker and spoke on the theme of “Together for Mission” during the main worship service. Using John 17:20-21 as the basis for his message Pastor Johnson encouraged the churches to remain united in the Word of God.

Dublin Day of Fellowship Dec 2017Tallaght Methodist church where the Dublin Romanian church meets became the venue for the afternoon. Only a 5-minute car journey from the hotel, over 230 people gathered together for a special programme of choirs and an introduction to each church in the area, including a short presentation by Pastor Dan Serb, the Irish Mission President on the vision for a new mission building in the Dublin.

Trevor Johnson and his team from Stanborough Press concluded the day by opening up the bookshop after Sabbath until 8:00 pm, by which time the long queues had gone.

The 6 churches in the greater Dublin and Ballinacrow area are part of the Irish Mission of Seventh-day Adventists which comprises of 16 church groups in the Republic of Ireland and 5 congregations in Northern Ireland.

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