30th July 2018

imasa-INAUGURAL-PRAYER-285PX-1-of-1-3The Irish Mission has inaugurated a new students association that will cater for the spiritual needs of students in its territory. The event took place at a special students day of fellowship on Sabbath, 30 June, 2018 in Dublin.

The new students association, known as “Irish Mission Adventist Students Association” (IMASA) is the brain child of chaplain Greg Davis, and has received much support from the Mission President, Pastor Dan Serb. Introducing the event, Greg Davis said, “The aims of the association are to mobilise and empower Adventist students to be ambassadors of Christ and to share the gospel and the three angels’ messages within their campuses, and to help them uphold their faith.”

The inaugural event was opened and interspersed with prayers, as well as praise and worship throughout. In his speech, Greg Davis outlined the need of such an association at such a crucial transitional period in a student’s life. “There is a growing concern for students who lose their faith in Christ during this period of their academic life.” He says, this can be attributed to the influence of sceptical friends, lack of support or contact with their spiritual communities, or the feeling that the church is out of touch with their culture and needs. “We need an association like IMASA that will allow young men and women to develop, strengthen and exercise their faith.”

imasa-INAUGURAL-PRAYER-285PX-1-of-1Pastor Dan Serb, delivered a unique and interactive “6-Word Story” sermon which was meant to challenge and inspire the participants to be proud of and celebrate their unique identity as Seventh-day Adventists. He added that being different raises curiosity in today’s world. He charged the participants not to fear but trust in the Lord because the pressure to compromise in order to belong and be accepted is overwhelming.

An important event on the day was the election and induction of the first IMASA officers and the introduction of chaplain Greg Davis as the Mission’s chaplain in charge of Public Campus Ministries and IMASA. The eagerness and enthusiasm by most participants to serve as leaders of the new association was remarkable.

The following participants shared their experiences:

“My experience at the Irish Mission Student’s Day of Fellowship was exhilarating. …The inauguration of IMASA gave me a sense of worth. At least the church recognises that we as young people could also be co-labourers with God in his vineyards. In this case the vineyards are the colleges and universities that we as young people attend” Thamsanqa Mabaso, a student

“IMASA is a great initiative that will help us students achieve this task in our colleges and universities to share our faith with students who do not know Jesus Christ. Working together as students in this initiative is the driving force to achieving this objective as many heads put together bring out good ideas” Tash Bandora, a student

imasa-INAUGURAL-PRAYER-285PX-1-of-1-2“I felt hugely privileged to be part of the IMASA launch day. Not only does IMASA endeavour to help connect Adventist students into an innately empathetic support network of Irish Adventist students, run for students by students, it also supports them in growing their network by engaging in spreading the everlasting gospel to non-Adventist students. This is a mission that I have full faith the elected officers will excel in leading with Christ at the helm and the Holy Spirit to empower them. They can count on whole bunch of enthusiasts like me edging them on.” Omari Norman, a professional

 “Saturday June 30th, 2018 will be a day I will cherish, as a parent first, but also as a youth leader. This was the first Irish Mission Adventist Student Day of Fellowship and its theme was Follow Jesus, Embrace his Mission, Change the World. The highlight for me was the afternoon programme and the election of officers. It was so encouraging to see the passion, the hunger, the love and willingness of our youth to go out and embrace his mission and change the world.” Lilian Cooper, a parent

The day’s success could be seen in the attendance. Even though 50 participants were expected, more than 70 arrived from across the Mission. There was a lot of networking among the students as new friendships were made, and ideas were shared. From every indication the birth of IMASA is very timely. It promises to be a great movement that will fill an important need in this generation and beyond. There is hope, excitement and great expectation that God will empower this association to greatness.

If you are a student you can make contact with IMASA on Facebook (@AdventistStudent), or contact chaplain Greg Davis by e-mail or via Whatsapp on: +353838253003.

[Greg Davis (Chaplain, Irish Mission Public Campus Ministries & IMASA) Sheneece Mupandanyama (Secretary, IMASA)]


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