24th August 2017

Bournville Seventh-day Adventist church, in Birmingham, held a Vacation Bible School for children and the community at West Heath Community Centre from 24-27 July 2017. The theme for the week was 'God the Creator'. The purpose of the Bible School was to reach out to the community and help children learn more about their Creator. The programme was opened by Pastor Obinnaya Iheoma.

The children were placed in different groups based on their age and at least two teachers were assigned to each group. Throughout the week, the theme could be heard echoing out as children sung lustily choruses and hymns that reminded them of their Creator. The devotional exercises conducted and talks were also on point reflecting the theme.

Each day was filled with different activities such as exercises and nature walks. bournvilleThere were also craft activities where children had an opportunity to be creative with God's creation. The children received help with various subjects (literacy, numeracy and science) to aid with their summer homework. This gave them an opportunity to interact with friends through learning, play and music.

Parents and carers could be seen busily helping out the children with their activities and ensuring that the environment provided was conducive to the learning

process. The children spent Monday to Wednesday at the Community Centre and on Thursday they travelled to the Thinktank science museum in Birmingham. The museum was packed with different items depicting different days of Creation. The children were really enthused at some of the things they saw especially the Planetarium show.

The Bible School climaxed with a heart-warming graduation on the Sabbath. We thank God for His grace and mercy throughout the week and for the visiting children and parents who attended.


[Sharlene Smith-Griffiths, Children's Ministries Leader]


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